Keys are important for the safety of our house, so it’s only the ones who have them can gain acess into the house. However, when they keep missing over and over again, perhaps it’s about time for you to know the excellent tips for storing your keys. Meanwhile, if your keys are broken or the door lock is jammed, don’t hesitate to call a trusted Locksmith in your area.

Store it near your shoe rack

It’s obvious that people tend to take their keys with them when they want to go outside, so that’s why storing it on or near your shoe rack can be a good idea. However, make sure it’s slightly hidden so it can’t be stolen by any uninvited guests who happen to sneak into your house when the door isn’t locked.

Put it near your phone

Sometimes we tend to leave our house after receiving calls from our friends, relatives, or even from the workplace. That’s why keeping your keys near your phone can be a wise decision, especially if you’re also carrying your smartphone whenever you leave your house.